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We specialize in two types of implementation-related activities:


- Construction of retention tanks and swimming pools  
- Construction of fire tanks for industrial sites
- Insulation of tanks containing oil products and chemicals
- Insulation of building foundations
- Radon barrier insulation of buildings

Special implementation
- Encasement and reconstruction of storage halls
- Preparation of foil for construction
- Air dome multi-functional sports arenas
- Insulation of silos

Implementation-related activities are provided throughout the Czech Republic by a professional team with years of experience. We
offer consultation for waterproofing and in the application of the foil.


Special implementation – air dome halls, silos, individual construction.

Ponds for gardens, parks, and swimming ponds.

Swimming pools – inside and outside.

Waterproofing of buildings – terraces, industrial premises, building foundation (protection from radon), vertical waterproofing

Experience, quality and tradition from 1994
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