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We deliver made to measure material that has been welded exclusively by:

Hot wedge welding

- automatic     

Hot wedge welding  
- automatic

Hot air welding    
- hand-held

The seams are highly resistant and very reliable thereby guaranteeing long-term satisfaction of our projects.


Foil – made to measure

Aren’t you satisfied with the standard widths and lengths of foil in rolls?
Are you looking for specific foil dimensions to satisfy your demands?

We weld the materials with respect to your request – we prepare made to measure foil or place it directly on the spot. According to
your diagrams and documentation, we will prepare the material in our modern plant, which has a production capacity of tens of
thousands of square meters per week.    

option of requesting any dimension
welding of foil to provide single pieces of up to thousands of meters in size
quick delivery, quick implementation
minimization of assembly expenses thanks to the pre-prepared foil

Experience, quality and tradition from 1994
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