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AKSAL CZ s.r.o.

We specialize in types of implementation-related activities:

   Implementation of garden pond foil

   Construction of retention tanks, garden ponds
     and swimming pools
   Construction of fire tanks for industrial sites
   Insulation of tanks containing oil products and chemicals
   Insulation of building foundations
   Radon barrier insulation of buildings

Special implementation:

    Encasement and reconstruction of storage halls
    Preparation of foil for construction
    Air dome multi-functional sports arenas
    Insulation of silos
    Implementation-related activities are provided throughout
      the Czech Republic by a professional team with years of experience.
    We offer consultation for waterproofing and in the application of the foil

AKSAL CZ s.r.o. -  History and Today

• 1994 - the company was founded in the Czech Republic with its headquarters in Kanice near Domažlice

• 2014 - FOLIENAMÍRU s.r.o. was founded. The trade mark represents the services and products offered by the former company and therefore offer the continuation of the same activities. Since its foundation, the company has focused on wholesale and retail sales and on the fitting of made to measure foil.  We have 5 000 m2 of workplace, which allows us to prepare and weld foil of a large size (thousands of square meters per piece)

• 2017 - The portfolio of the company is expanding out of the foil zone and because of this the company is renamed as AKSAL CZ s.r.o.
Experience, quality and tradition from 1994
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